This first project could not have been possible without the kindness, the knowledge, the patience and the huge trust of some people. That is why we would like to thank them warmly.

  • Thanks a lot to Kokardiklubi, Oulu, for the kindness, the place, the time, the coffee and the trust that have been given to us.
  • A huge thank to Jussi Tuohino for his trust, and help.
  • Thanks a lot to Severi Seppänen for the skills he applied to the recording and mixing of this album, in addition to his guitar playing of course.
  • Thanks a lot to my friend Olivier Bonhomme for the great talent he applied to realise the artwork of this album cover.
  • Thanks a lot to Gabriel Tshimpanzu Samba for the kindness, the patience and the skills he applied to the mastering of this album.

Copyright © 2021 Benjamin Faconnier. All rights reserved.
Credits : Artwork – Olivier Bonhomme / Music – Papillon.