The Papillon5tet is a band, founded in spring 2020 by the french trumpet player Benjamin Faconnier, with his four finnish friends: Jimi Ahlroos (sax), Severi Sepännen (guitar), Roni Helminen (bass) and Ilari Kinnunen (drums). It is from Benjamin’s compositions that the album has been produced.

Papillon is a flexible project, born of a turning point in Benjamin’s life, and it is the result of a strong need for personal development. This project is meant to be a heterotopia (Foucault, 1967) for the musicians who express themselves through it.

What would be more relevant than a Papillon (butterfly in french) to embody personal development?

Copyright © 2021 Benjamin Faconnier. All rights reserved.
Credits : Artwork – Olivier Bonhomme / Music – Papillon.