The Papillon Project was founded by the french trumpet player and composer Benjamin Faconnier. It all began during spring 2020, in Finland, and it is around Benjamin’s compositions that the first Papillon eponymous album has been produced.

Papillon is a flexible and international project whose size can vary according to the evolution of the musician’s life, and the needs of the repertoire. Born from an important turning point in Benjamin’s life, this project is the result of a strong need for personal development, and aims to be a heterotopia for the musicians who express themselves through it. In a few words, heterotopia is a concept theorized by the philosopher Michel Foucault in 1967, present in different forms in all cultures, and which designates a concrete space of utopia. The heterotopia is thought here as an improvisational space of representation, contradiction, and contestation.

The next album is in preparation. This new repertoire will be thought, developed, and recorded through a decolonial approach to music, human relations, and borders.

What would be more relevant than a Papillon (butterfly in french) to embody emancipation and metamorphosis?

Copyright © 2021 Benjamin Faconnier. All rights reserved.
Credits : Artwork – Olivier Bonhomme / Music – Papillon.