The Papillon Project was founded in spring 2020 by the french trumpet player Benjamin Faconnier. The first formation is made of Benjamin (trumpet), Jimi Ahlroos (alto sax), Severi Seppänen (guitar), Roni Helminen (bass) and Ilari Kinnunen (drums). It is from Benjamin’s compositions that the first Papillon eponymous album has been produced.

It is a flexible project, born of a turning point in Benjamin’s life, and it is the result of a strong need for personal development. This project is meant to be a heterotopia (Foucault, 1967) for the musicians who express themselves through it.

What would be more relevant than a Papillon (butterfly in french) to embody personal development?

Copyright © 2021 Benjamin Faconnier. All rights reserved.
Credits : Artwork – Olivier Bonhomme / Music – Papillon.